x marks the spot

(( have been posting a lot more ooc stuff here lately. idk. *sigh. been wanting to put this blog on hiatus or even consider deleting this off. I’ve just been distracted lately. work and such is just piling on my desk. I can’t keep up with what’s happening on my dashboard anymore. and now that people i RP frequently with are on hiatus due to various reasons, this might be a good time to take a break too. I’ll check back in as and well. but may not be as often though. I’ll still be on skype. it’s easier there. for those who already have it. just bother me there. for those who don’t and still want to talk to me or sanjiko just ask. i won’t bite.

will also be on my personal more often now. just reblogging stuff and lurking/stalking as well. i dont know how long this will last. i guess i just need to take a short break away from here. might be back during christmas. but we’ll see.

for those i love. thank you. i’ve glad i’ve met all of you. my motive to even start this rp blog was to meet with fellow fangirls/boys of OP and just be silly together. and meet awesome people to be friends with. i’m so glad i met you guys. <3 i have you on skype so dont worry. i’ll see all of you there. :)

mall. my dearest creamy. i hope you’re feeling better. i’ve missed you. really. <3333333 it’s just isn’t the same without you online. i hope you’ll get to see this and i’ll see you on skype? love.

with that i end my really long ooc post. and i’ll see you kids around.

sanjiko/patsy. <3 )) 

  1. askmarimochan said: I’ll see you on skype soon, love
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